Hello, my name is Janie Varisco.
When reaching for the stars at a young age, Janie B. Varisco was determined to make her life count. From the very beginning, Janie knew she wanted to be a change maker. With that in mind, Janie chose to embark on a career path that would, and has, touched hundreds of lives. Born and raised in Louisiana, Janie also knows how to have a good time. It is part of the culture here. But Janie has harnessed that very energy into a joy that has been shared with others for almost thirty years.

Consequently, Janie has become a respected business woman in Acadiana. All of her life’s experiences have culminated to make her a highly sought after public speaker. In that role, Janie uses humor and her own personal stories to influence, inspire, and engage her audiences. As a seasoned communicator she is able to address crowds of all types. Janie works with executives, community leaders, faith-based organizations, and professionals who want to transform their ambitions or goals into positive action.

In addition, Janie is a wellness leader with Young Living Essential Oils, a small business owner, a singer and highly regarded community activist. Once a single mom, Janie raised her son while holding down four jobs. She knew that her success as a mom and in her career depended primarily on her own abilities to “make things happen.” Through some tough years, Janie learned how to pinpoint a need and find a solution. This was key for Janie so that she could transform her own dreams into reality. Once she made that pivot, she took off into a lifetime of service.

Janie’s extensive work experience includes producing festivals and special events that have taken her all over the world. She has managed the stage for performers like Luke Bryan, Little Big Town and Jefferson Airplane. She is most proud of her work as a wedding planner, having provided support for more than 200 couples. Wanting to complete the wedding experience, Janie became an ordained minister. Janie’s goal is to help guide couples through an unforgettable experience and walk with each couple as they go through the steps of marriage.

Today, Janie is in training to become a Certified Holistic Redesign Coach. Once certified, she will be able to coach an individual through listening skills and other tools. The goal is to get the individual to a place of balance, both emotionally and physically. It is a very heartfelt approach to release, restore, and reframe the whole person. While throughout her career she has had opportunity to counsel others, this new work and certification will go deeper. Janie’s purpose in life has always been to help others. As an HRD coach, she will have a set of tools to help individuals find strength through vulnerability while she holds sacred space for them with dignity, creativity and love.

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