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I have worked with Janie on many projects over the years and have been continually impressed with the energy and passion she brings to all that she does. Janie is a consummate professional.

Randall Mann

Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations, Acadian Companies

Team JANIE!!! I will never forget how I met Janie, she followed my blog and I had no idea she lived in the same city as me. She messaged me saying she wanted to send me some glitter bon bon’s and wanted my address to mail them to me. I gave her my address and she said, “GIRL, YOU LIVE RIGHT BY ME”… I knew in that instant she was meant to be in my life! She is by far the most positive person I have ever met in my life and I can always call her when I have anything going on. I have witnessed her drop what she has going on just to give me comfort when she felt it was most necessary. She is always looking for ways I can improve my life and just that alone I am grateful for! Not only has she become a life long friend but she is a daily inspiration! I truly do not know what I would do had I not met this amazing soul and every day I am grateful.

Jade Harrington

Kat and I have known Janie for well over 25 years. We actually knew Janie before she married David. We have experienced the business and personal side of Janie. She was the wedding planner for our wedding. She was awesome. She did all the things you would expect and more. My family has called upon her to help with resumes through our career changes. She took the battered details of our lives and made them jump off the page through her organizational and word smith skills. I have no doubt that what she did on our resumes alone got us the interviews we were looking for. She is a master marketer. If you don’t believe me, look her up on Facebook and you will see. I follow VERY FEW people on Facebook. Janie is one of them. Not just because of the good information she puts out but also because of what I call “Janieisms”. These are simply Janie’s observations of life put into her own words and usually in the format of one-liners that are FREAKING HILARIOUS. There have been several days that were not going right for me. I would happened to see one of Janie’s posts and bust out laughing. Listen people, don’t get me wrong. no one is perfect, including Janie. That’s what makes her so special. Very few people allow you into the “REAL” parts of their lives for fear of judgement or ridicule. Not only will she be there for you in tough times but she will also allow you in to her tough times, so healing can take place. That is a rare quality. She is awesome!!!!! There are very few things you have absolute control over in your life. One of them is who you call a friend and who you maintain a relationship with. Janie (and her husband David) definitely qualify in that part of our lives. We feel blessed to have them in our lives.

Rex Broussard

I have known Janie for the past 20+ years. From the moment I met Janie, I realized that no matter what life goal she pursued, she would be fantastic at it; she is passionate about everything she does.

I was fortunate to work with her while she was a wedding planner and later a minister when I had my reception hall. She kept her couples calm and assured; and made sure to take care of anything that they needed. Never was a couple disappointed in her work and all praised her abilities.

Her wonderful personality came to the fore when she became a minister. She is a wonderful speaker, clear and precise; and quite adept at infusing the right tone suited for clientele. She worked with each couple personally, to make sure they had the kind of service they wanted, spending long hours working with them to help write their vows if they so desired.

When Janie started work with Young Living, it didn’t surprise me at all how fast she grew in the company. She spends so much time in research to make sure all her clients get all the information they need to work with the oils. During this time Janie learned so much about wellness and holistic health through the oils, that at any time, she can either answer your questions, or seek out the answers for you.

Janie inspires others to seek their highest goals. She is positive and elevates everyone around her. Knowing Janie has proven a boon for me, my clients, and anyone she meets. I’m very proud to not only call her my friend, but my confidant as well.

Adrienne Tate

Owner/Operator , Magnolia Court Louisiana Wedding Guide

Janie and I worked together from 2000 to 2012. She always took the initiative to take on more than I would ask of her. Indeed, she was very instrumental in the success of many of my events.

I have since seen her move on to her own endeavors and not surprisingly, flourish in each. Her attention to details, eagerness to learn more and dedication to whatever she does is unmatched and beyond professional. She doesn’t just take on projects, she “marries” them. That’s how dedicated she is to her profession and more importantly, her clients. It’s no coincidence that a lot of her clients become good friends.

Chris Foreman

Stage Call Entertainment

I have known Janie for many, many years. Her guidance, love and support has brought me through several of life’s challenges. No matter how much or what she has going on in her own life she would always find the time to help others. She is hard working, dedicated, determined, honest, kind and loving. There was never a challenge she took on that she didn’t succeed at. From doing security at the Cajun Dome, working festivals, writing resume’, being an event planner to Young Living Oils she would give it her all and was always successful. She recently planned my sons wedding. I honestly could not have done this without her. She not only did an amazing job on the wedding but also kept me sane. I often tell her she needs to take some time for herself. She enjoys staying busy and helping people. God puts the right people in your life at the right time. We are so blessed to have Janie in ours.

Cheryl Buchta

Words can’t express how much I adore this woman. From the moment I met her and hired her for my wedding, she was an absolute blessing. The day of my wedding, my nerves got the best of me right before the ceremony and Mrs Janie rubbed some peace and calm on me to settle me down, and assured me that everything was going to go great, and sure enough, as I was walking down the isle, I found a sense of calmness by looking at Mrs Janie. Her voice was smooth and strong and calm as she delivered our ceremony and I couldn’t have been happier with who I chose to bless our marriage and marry us. She’s such a fun loving woman, her shine and good vibes are infectious for everyone around her. You won’t be disappointed if you choose to hire her, MRS JANIE IS THE VERY BESTEST!!!!

Chasity Lemoine

My wife is a very inspiring woman. She is so full of energy and lives life to the max! I have been able to witness her growth from a working mother to a business leader through her extraordinary motivation to help others. She has always pushed to be the best at whatever she does. Her writing and speaking skills, as well as her dedication to details, is what makes her so successful. I love this lady, and you will too!

David Varisco

If you can read only one testimonial, read this one. Not because what everyone else is saying is incorrect, not by any means, they are all true and all describe Janie very accurately. I however, can not only describe Janie, but give true events and experiences that really allow you to see the actions that Janie takes to be a true giver, a pilar of the community and a spiritual mentor. Anyone can throw a nickel into a red bucket during Christmas time and claim to be a philanthropist, but your actions and how you connect to your community and make the world around you a truly, better place, speaks volumes, and Janie improves every day peoples lives on a constant and consistant basis.

I had the privelege of meeting Janie in about 2005, we met through mutual friends involved in a series of communication seminars. I had no idea then, how my life would change, just from knowing her. Inadvertantly, I also knew two of her children, through other mutual friends, but we didn’t make the connection that they were the same family till years later (we still chuckle about this frequently). Her family is definately a reflection of her, Janie’s family consists of some of the most kind hearted people with the purest of souls. I’m so fortunate to know them all, it gives me such hope that there are still amazing people in this world, and Janie and her family prove that.

When I met Janie back in ’05 we were acquaintances, but anytime I needed something, like a venue or disc jockey or information on music performances or local events or someone to be a business building mentor or a local business networking advisor or even just life advice, if I asked around, I was ALWAYS led to Janie. After awhile, it was obvious that this was by no coincendence. Janie touches so many peoples lives and is so involved and energetic that you almost cannot go anywhere in the Acadiana community and not meet someone who knows her or knows of her. I eventually moved away, but returned to the Acadiana area after about five years, and not under the best of circumstances. Upon my return home, I found myself starting over again, and this time as a single mom, with a two year old daughter who had just been diagnosed Autistic. I was lost, confused and losing hope. I needed to find employment, a home, get back on my feet, and get my daughter’s needs met and I was very overwhelmed! I eventually did find a job, but I needed more, I needed to get ahead and I was eager and willing to put the work in to achieve that. I put my wants and wishes out into the universe and low and behold, it sent me back to Janie! I connected with Janie and her daughter through social media, and began a weekend cleaning service. From there, Janie helped me network with so many people in the community, I was able to build my business to the point of employing others and quit my day job because it was holding me back from allowing my business to grow. Through the whole endeavor Janie was constantly encouraging me.

There were so many times I was just too afraid to move forward, but she always put things in perspective and knew that I had the drive I just couldn’t see my own potential until she showed me what I was capable of. I still remember when I first began working for her with my cleaning business, and she was always asking me questions and wanted to know what I wanted in life and what my faith was. I remember wondering why someone I held in such high regard was even the slightest bit interested in anything in my life… I was a nobody, I mean, I knew Janie from years before and adored her but, she was known in the community, why would she care about silly me. She did care, and she didn’t think i was the nobody that I thought I was, and she feels this way about everyone she meets. She had a faith in me that I did not even have in myself, I had no idea that I could do half of what I’ve done in my life and I owe this to her. Her support and encourgement felt so weird at first, but I get it now. She saw that I had dreams and was willing to work and she pushed me and paved the way for me to attain things I never thought that I could. I often think of myself as being a dandillion weed before I met Janie, I thought I was just in the way, and that I served little purpose and was mean to be discarded. I’ve learned a lot about myself (and dandelions) over the years through Janie, and just like the dandelion, I possessed many great qualities that I was even unaware of, but just as someone took the time to learn the benenfits of the dandelion, Janie took the time to encourage me to my full potential. I’ve gotten to know Janie considerably over the years, so much so that I wouldn’t even call it a friendship anymore, there’s really no word to describe it. If I won millions of dollars today and handed it to her, it still wouldn’t cover a fraction of what I feel I owe her, to cover the debt to her for her time, attention and support that for me, is beyond priceless.

Anytime I’ve needed anything over the years, Janie saw to it that I connected to the right people. She helped me to network with other people who have also changed my life in the most positive ways. She saw me through a very trying time in my life and I could not have gotten through it without her. I could always talk to her when I was dealing with issues of health, my divorce, finding a home, my dreams of having more children or anything. I am so honered to have her as such a big part of my life today. It was just over a year ago that I approached her and told her about the positive relationship that I had formed with someone that she had actually introduced me to, but I was also so distraught because I desired to have more children so despirately and his medical history hindered that. Janie reassured me that I would have more children, but it would not be the way that I planned and it would be the way God intends. She not only prayed with me about it, but she prayed for me, and she always reassured me that my family would grow, I just had to be patient. I eventually opened my heart to various options of being a mom again and Janie would jokingly say that when I had another child in my life that she be deemed Godmother. Opening my heart to all options of motherhood really allowed me to feel a level of love I had not experienced before. And she was right, I opened my heart to allow God’s will and am so beyond honered to proudly say that Janie is the Godmother of this baby growing within me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I haven’t always believed in miracles but I truly believe that Janie’s prayers had a hand in this miracle. It is so fitting that Janie will be the spiritual guide for a child that I am certain she had a prayerful hand in God’s miracle of creating! I don’t know how else to describe Janie with the limited vocabulary that I am knowledgable of but as a visual person I can create a scenario and it is this.

It’s very fitting to describe what Janie has to offer in a biblical referance, and that is if we were back in biblical times and the world is as it is today, full of uncertainty and grave imminant change. I would imagine that Janie is a lot like Noah, in that I have no doubt she would be appointed to if not volunteer to build an Ark to help everyone that she can. The Ark is a lot like the services that she has to offer, her health techniques aren’t all pharmacetuicals and modern medicine may scoff at the idea, but if we learned anything from the bible story its that Noah can help everyone. The world today is changing and it may take some very scary turns and if we learned anything from the story it’s that you WANT to be on that boat. Janie is that boat, what she has to offer is the Ark, and anything that she supports or represents, she has thouroughly researched and I promise, it will benefit you.

Wherever her Ark is going, believe me, you want on it! Her drive, her professionalism, her intense attention to detail, her genuine concern for the health, safety and welfare of the people she meets, her enthusiasm, her sense of humor, her love of children and animals, her burning desire to make a difference in the world, her wealth of knowledge, her eagerness to always learn, her dependability, her infectious laugh, the way she connects with all people, her compasssion, her faith, her ability to connect with others pain and sufferings, her well thought out advice, her gratitude, her pizazz, her amazing sense of style and fashion, her deep heartfelt want to help any/everyone in distress, her punctuality, and her beautiful amazing spirit, are just a few things about Janie that make her the answer to just about any of your questions. If there is a service that Janie can provide and you go with someone else, well, that’s just it… you’ve gone with someone “else”.

Kristin Mathews

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