Being sarcastic in not a gift everyone has, but oh what a glorious gift it is for the people who are blessed to have it.  Besides the fact that it’s the greatest defense mechanism out there, it really comes in handy on a daily basis.

I believe my sarcasm was born from a need to be accepted at a very young age.  In this blog I will take you on a fun tour of real life in Janie’s world…Sarcasm and all.

As you know, I wear many “hats” in life…everything from essential oil educator (witch doctor), wedding minister (the hitcher), singer (karaoke queen), motivational speaker (tell it like it is), property manager (mailbox money), traveler (get me out of town), grandmother (spoiler of children), decorator (good taste), designer ( like I need more things to do), writer of all things sarcastic and so much more.

In writing this blog I want to take you along my journey in life, the ups, the downs, real life, fun life, travel life, inspirational life, musical life, family life and CrAzY life.

So sit back and enjoy the ride and you may even meet a few of my Compadre’s along the way.  Laugh lots and don’t take life too seriously; for it’s a joke upon us and we might as well enjoy it.